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помогите - 17.09.2014, 20:58
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помогите найти этот клуб или как туда попасть
wetmoose 613    15 Сен 2014 г. 08:28 MSK
couldn t type on the table at the end of the game so GREAT GAME EFFER

royalraise85    10 Сен 2014 г. 22:12 MSK
Check out details of our new series starting soon in the home game forum at ...

royalraise85    8 Окт 2013 г. 00:39 MSK
Please note that our games are exclusively for members of PokerSchoolOnline.com If you are not a member of PSO and would like to play our game please join-up today. Any players that are not members may be suspended from the home game club.


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17.09.2014, 21:02
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Это клуб от сторонней школы. Это к нам не относится.
Тема закрыта.

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