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Even if You have only one chip in the tournament - You still have a chance to win it

"Даже если у Вас есть только один чип в турнире - у Вас еще есть шанс
Автор: orhan4540005
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..If someone asked me to name one reason why many poker players don't become successful, I would say wrong choice of discipline.Poker the game itself is fun, sociable, exciting, interesting. Multilateral, gambling, risk, math. Almost everyone will be able to find in it those features that he likes: dry and pedantic mathematician, and a subtle psychologist, and adventurer. But to get pleasure from games not everyone knows how. The luck factor and adds a role here. Easy to enjoy, winning. But if “card not ready”?




And the trouble is that too emotional a person can allow into the soul of irritation, anger, resentment at the fate (or even, God forbid, partners). What this could lead? To loss of control, a weakening of discipline in the game and, consequently, to erroneous decisions.
If you feel the signs of a bad mood, annoyance, etc., sit back, relax, try to pull myself together. Because the game is not lost because unlucky for you! She has retained all of its quality and only gives you new food for analysis. She loved you very recently! Return her the favour just enjoy the game And she will thank you .

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