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покерная жизнь,глазами новичка.
Автор: casuals17
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benislovas wins PokerStars 7th Anniversary Sunday Million

A low stakes player from Lithuania has scooped over $845,000 for winning the PokerStars 7th Anniversary Sunday Million. With an average buy-in of just $15 and a previous biggest cash of $10,662, the $848,589.33 that benislovas pocketed for defeating a field of 49,287 is by far the biggest win of the Lithuanians career. He defeated high stakes cash game pro David ‘sexygee’ Gent heads-up, due to a three-handed deal Gent collected almost as much for second, cashing for $836,321.83. On the final hand Gent held Kc-Jh, whilst benislovas was dealt 10d-9s. The majority of the chips went in on the turn of a 10s-Qd-3d-4h board. The Lithuanian’s hand held up as the river was the 10h and the tournament, which lasted a little over 15 hours, was over.

With a field of nearly 50,000 the tournament smashed through the guarantee, the final prize pool was $9,857,400 which would be split between the top 6,309. Some of the notables who cashed include Ivan Demidov (5,686th for $492.87), Andre ‘Acoimbra’ Coimbra (5,408th for $492.87) Martin ‘AABenjaminAA’ Hruby (4,933rd for $492.87), Henrique ‘Henrique.P’ Pinho (3,428th for $690.01), Angel ‘angelguillen’ Guillén (754th for $1,182.88) .
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