Day 1

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I can ask you an easy question: have you ever been lost (I talk about games)? And you'll answer: yes, of course. It's so typical to be a loser in any game, and it's difficult to prevent it from happening... Sometimes you're a winner, but sometimes you're a loser. I talk about this thing only for one reason: not everbody is ready to be a loser. As for me, it was very hard  to lose any game in my childhood, so I'm instantly get  very emotional because I'm not a winner. You know that it's easy to win a game, bit it seems almost impossible to be a loser... However, you must remember that defeat and mistakes, which were made today, will help you to win tomorrow. But every time when you get crashed, you've to make right conclusion. And here I talk not only about poker, but about our life. I believe that everybody has to think about his wrong decisions and make the best choice. And it doesn't mean whether you're a pro or not. Everybody makes mistakes, so the best thing we can do: minimize them. You always have to work on your poker game and analyse it properly. Find out your mistakes and correct them.

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