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Heads Up - Way to Victory

In this blog you will see how I play and improves my game face to face
Автор: AniFlodA
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My Love - Hungarians

Автор: AniFlodA @ 06:10 (MSK) / 14 / Комментарий ( 0 )

I have good news! I started using the program from pokerprolabs.kom
So I re-registered in the heads up with a player from Hungary. Statistics show that it has a rating of 7 with a few stars. Despite this, I try to play my A game. I think when you go to these links, you will think that my A game is not the best, but trust me - I tried as best I could.
My opponent in my raise on the button again often raised my rate.
And another thing: if he lost, he offered me a rematch, which he ... lost.
I hope that you comment on my game.

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